How to set up a A/B Split Test with Google Analytics

We recommend that you setup the A/B split test using a script on your site and Google Analytics to evaluate the test.

How to set it up using a script and Google Analytic

  1. Start with adding a script to your site that splits the traffic to your engines and randomizes what engine a visitor gets. 
  2. Decide on how to divide the traffic. Eg. 50/50, 70/30, “multi armed bandit”.
  3. Setup Google Analytics to track the A/B test using custom variables to identify the engines. For example “Loop54” and “Original”. Here is an article on how to do that:
  4. Decide on how to evaluate the test. What parameters do you wish to evaluate? (We will gladly help you perform the analysis)
  5. Start the test when you go live with Loop54.

Important to remember

  • You have to make sure the division of traffic is randomized but also that a cookie or similar is used to track which engine a user got so that he/she uses the same engine throughout the test.
  • Don’t use links that override the randomizing. For example, in ads or campaigns. This will skew the test.
  • Exclude internal traffic from the test
  • Don’t modify your User Interface during the test period