How to Setup Site Search Tracking in Google Analytics

Site search tracking lets you analyze how many of your visitors are using site search and how these are converting, their bounce rate, their length of session and other metrics of interest.

To be able to track you searching visitors you need to set up site search tracking and make sure you are tracking the right search string.

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Setting up site search tracking

This article is helpful for getting started with your search tracking:

If you are using a page path instead of the query, "?q=", parameter in your search page url you need to use a filter for your search tracking. There is a good explanation on this page:

If you are using AJAX search you need to use Virtual search tracking. Contact us for more help with setting that up.

Explanation of the different metrics of search tracking

What to study in your search tracking

Common pitfalls

  • If you have a separate mobile site, make sure that the tracking is working there as well.
  • Make sure to change the search tracking if you change your search url when changing to Loop54.