How to Use Google Analytics Segments to Evaluate Site-Search Relevancy

Evaluating the success of a new site-search engine or an update to an existing search engine can be difficult. Thankfully, Google Analytics makes this task infinitely easier – if you know how to navigate it's confusing new dashboards.

Is My Site-Search a Success?

If you're looking to understand how the implementation of a site-search engine has affected conversion rates among the visitors who used the search box during a single visit, it is important to be looking at all sessions where a site-search took place – not just the number of users that used site-search. You also want to exclude bounces from this segment and traffic that had a search results page as the landing page. 

However, a little while ago, Google changed their default segment for visits in which site-search was used into a new segment called "Performed Site Search". By doing this, they changed the scope from session-level to user-level.

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