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Introduction to Loop54 Insights

Some guidance to get you started with Insights.

To be able to use Insights you will need login credentials. If you haven’t received a user name and password, please contact support@loop54.com.

When you have logged in you encounter the Main Report containing a graph showing the total amount of search queries made on your engine the last 30 days. If you have several sites using the Loop54 search engine you can choose between them in the upper right corner (1). 

The pre-set time-period for the main report is set to show the last 30 days. However, it’s easy to switch the time-period to show only the last week or the past calendar month for example (2).

  1. Choose between your storefronts/websites (i.e. engines)
  2. Set a date range
  3. Total number of searches made counted as unique queries per user sessions (how Loop54 counts search queries)
  4. Click-through-rate, add-to-cart rate and Purchase Rate (i.e. conversion rate) expressed as a percentage of total number of searches. (Note: this report is similar to your Google Analytics Search Terms Report)
insights 101

In the table below the graph you can see your total search count for the site in numbers (3) as well as the percentages of clicks, add-to-cart and purchases that followed those searches (4).

The default setting for the graph is to show the count of queries. You can use the dropdown above the graph to show how clicks, add-to-cart or purchase has varied instead.