What are boost and bury rules?

Boost or bury products in search results and category listings based on any product attribute.

Loop54 makes it easy to add business logic to your engine. Without compromising relevancy, products can either be boosted or buried within search results and category listings. 

Are you having a sale on certain items? Perhaps a particular brand offers better margins? Or maybe there are new additions to your catalogue that deserve to be highlighted? 

Whatever the logic, we can build it into your engine. 

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Here's how it works:

Loop54 creates boost and bury rules based on the attributes found in your product feed. You tell us the rules and we will carefully configure the algorithm to include the logic. Striking the perfect balance between machine and human intelligence. 

The most important thing to remember is that your business logic is always applied to an already relevant list of products. This means you will never degrade your customer experience by promoting products that are irrelevant to the search or category navigation.

For example: <OnSale>true</OnSale> would get 25% higher value so it has a higher possibility to appear at the top of the results/listings. The opposite goes for products that you want to “bury”, which is typically used for products that are out-of-stock.