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Why do I only get X in our inventory?

This could either be that we have not gotten the correct data or that the search matches an SKU

This is usually due to one of two things

  1. If you get a large set of result, but are still missing products, it's probably because we have not gotten the products when we sync our system with yours.

To see if this is the case you can:

a. Check that the Products that you expect are exported en the data we read.

b. If the product is in the feed, make sure it has not tags that would filter it out in the results (IsHidden,
NotPublished or something similar)

c. The data is usually synced on a pre-determined schedule, it could be the case that the data have not
been synced into our system, but that it would show up after the next sync.

2. If you get a small set of results it could be that we are finding product based on the SKU search function. The SKU search function is a special search that can be done on selected attributes (normally SKU, articlenumber, productnumber), if we find a match in any of these attributes the search would return this limited set of products.

To see if this is the case you can:

Check if any of the returned products have the search phrase or parts of the search phrase used in any of the attributes used in the SKU search.

This can happen if you have products with an unique identifier ex. sku that contains real words for example <sku>loop54-sign3</sku>

If this is the issue there are two options to consider:

a. Generate new SKU that does not contains real words for that product

b. We can remove that attribute from the SKU search function (please note that we would stop using
that attribute for all products in the SKU search).