Why doesn't Loop54 offer a tool to control search merchandising and override the AI?

Loop54 can of course help you manage exceptions and build your business logic into the logic of the engine (here's how). However, if this is your expectation - to build and manage exception rules, then this will lead you to a solution that prioritizes this way of solving the problem.

This may make sense for those top 1-10% most popular search terms on your site, but is not an adequate solution for the other 90-99% of search queries.

We suggest starting from the other way around: expect that AI can do a better job than humans in finding and ranking products in 90-99% of all searches made and you will be led to that solution.

From there, you can assume that “maybe” 1-10% of the time you’ll need to step in to improve the AI with your human intelligence. And that’s ok, we agree that machines are not all-knowing, they need your expert input from time-to-time to improve.

But augmenting AI with a few human made rules is MUCH easier than trying to make, manage and analyze enough rules to optimize the experiences of thousands of individuals customers.

For this reason, we assign a dedicated Solutions Engineer and Customer Success Manager to every customer. This team are dedicated to continuously optimize your performance. They find the best ways of combining human and machine intelligence.

So, although Loop54 is all about leveraging machine intelligence, we put equal focus on our human intelligence.

Real AI isn’t simple. It’s not simple to build and it’s not simple to understand. That’s why we aim to be your human partner in the process of adopting an AI strategy.